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Konios Excange cash to crypto curencies


Due to the continuous growth of the crypto community, the cryptocurrencies are gaining more
and more recognition. Conversely, the state authorities, through the increasingly louder
crypto-community, become attentive and increasingly strict regulations are being passed.
The intervention of the state is the first step towards general acceptance.
„FINMA recognizes the innovative potential of distributed ledger
and blockchain technology. It welcomes and supports the
efforts to develop and implement blockchain solutions in the
Swiss financial center.”
“Blockchain technology offers innovation potential for the
financial markets and far beyond. “ 1

The future omnipresence of cryptocurrencies requires a solution for easier handling. So that
no age group or social minority is excluded from the crypto-community.
Since a possible economic change on cryptocurrencies is subject to a slow adaptation, the
broad mass during the transition period must be introduced to the crypto community in a
sensitive, simple and secure way.
With these thoughts in mind, the Konios team has been working tirelessly since 2017 to
initiate and establish a platform that addresses precisely these problem areas. The Konios
Team is proud to present the solution.

Konios Platform
F2F Secure and anonymous face-to-face transactions of cash to

cryptocurrency. (cash/crypto)

Exchange Digital change of any cryptocurrency pairs. (Crypto/Crypto)

Marketplace Easily buy and sell commercial goods and services with cash and

crypto currencies. (Products, Services / Cash, Crypto)

The Ads Bounty phase will start on April 1, 2018
If you are active on Twitter, Telegram, Youtube or another social platform,
we offer you a token of appreciation for your support.
Supporter and Guides are indispensible, and should be rewarded for their support!
Thank you for believing in our Project.


Konios Token is live now , check link to join or purchase











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