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Lamoneda Decentralized Blockchain Token Network




 Lamoneda is revolutionizing the event ticketing industry, bringing artist, promoters and event organizers closer to their fans.


Lamoneda is a decentralized blockchain token network that powers and engineers a unique smart contract ticketing system also known as SmartTickets. Lamoneda aims to solve the problems with current event ticketing systems available today, with providing the benefits of decentralization derived from the blockchain technology.

Decentralized Smart Ticketing Network
According to Wikipedia, Decentralization is the process by which the activities of an
organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision-making, are distributed
or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group.
There are several monopolistic centralized companies in the event ticketing industry
which are seen to be causing more harm than good in the ecosystem. (Such companies
will be discussed in subsequent sections of this document).
The core feature of the blockchain technology and network is “decentralization” and
since the need for decentralization in the event ticketing industry is inevitable, we aim to
use the blockchain technology to create a Decentralized Smart Ticketing Network.

Decentralized Smart Ticketing Network
A quick scrutiny of the Centralized event ticketing infrastructure shows a system which is
vulnerable to hack and malicious attacks, manipulated exuberant fees and other fraud
related issues.
Before we proceed to explaining our decentralized smart ticketing network, we would like
to explain what Smart Ticketing means.
Smart ticketing simply refers to a system where a ticket is electronically stored on a
microchip rather than being printed on a paper ticket.
In effect, a decentralized smart ticketing network further refers to electronically storing,
processing and handling ticket business (which refers to sales, re-sales etc) on the
blockchain network while every related transactions are being governed and handled by
automated, unforgeable and transparent Smart Contracts.
The goal of Lamoneda is to provide a decentralized event hosting and ticket distribution
Our decentralized Smart ticketing network will make it possible for Companies and
individuals to buy and sell tickets through unforgeable cryptographic signatures stored on
the ethereum blockchain and handled by smart contracts. We believe strongly that with
the help of our decentralized network, we can revolutionize and simplify the process of
buying and selling tickets by eliminating the centralized infrastructure.

Payment system




payment processing system is designed in such a unique way that Event goers,
individuals and others can purchase these SmartTickets directly on the Lamoneda
network through a variety of payment gateways.




Ticket Counterfeiting

Ticket touting, also known as ticketing fraud, is believed to be a multibillion-dollar market. Also, online ticket fraud continues to rise annually.

Instant sell-outs

When general tickets for an event becomes available for sale, scalpers are known to device every means necessary to snatch these tickets off the primary market only to be resold in the secondary market at a ridiculously higher price.

High Mark-ups

The activities of scalpers in theevent ticketing industry have led
to the incessant rise in ticket pricing due to greed and
monopolistic profit approach

Resale tickets

Scalped tickets are being resold, on secondary markets for an outrageous price, this is slowly degrading the event industry
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